Wedding Carriage Hire, School Formals, and Horse-drawn Funerals

In South East Queensland, and on the Darling Downs, drawn by Clydesdale horses
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Below is a selection of photos from some weddings, formals, and funerals we have participated in with our Duneske Clydesdales.
There may be more photos on our Duneske Clydesdales Facebook page- feel free to browse.



We have a very roomy wedding carriage. with room for a bridal party of six in the middle plus two at the back, without being squeezy.

Clydesdale drawn weddings horse wedding carriage and wedding wedding by horse & carriage horse drawn weddings

We have some very quiet rideable clydesdales.

ridden wedding horsey wedding ridden weddings with clydesdale  horses clydesdale wedding

School formals are another popular occasion we help at

school formal transport clydesdales in harness at school formal pair of draught horses and school formal carriage video-formal_

We have been invited to participate in the honour of transporting loved ones in their final earthly journey, from chapel to cemetery, or as requested, by horse-drawn hearse,
dray, or waggon as preferred, in South East Queensland..

horse drawn hearse clydesdale funeral carriage draft horse funeral hearse

draught horse funeral coffin funeral carriage draft horses clydesdale & dray at funeral meeting the clydesdales after the funeral

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